My Age of Anxiety by Scott Stossel

If you’ve ever suffered from anxiety or have been frustrated by a loved who has anxiety but didn’t really get it you must read My Age of Anxiety by Scott Stossel. This beautiful book gives a history of anxiety through the fears of the author – and there are many. It’s a well written memoir that anyone who suffers or knows someone who suffers from anxiety must read.

Listen to the interview on NPR here.

Mr. Stossel understands that his fears and phobias are irrational and yet he still spends a great deal of time worrying about each and every one of them to the point of distraction though like many people who suffer from anxiety he is able to hide the stress of it well.

He mentions that at any given time 40 million people in the US are suffering from anxiety and then he digs deep into the writings and beliefs of Freud, Hippocrates and his own doctors for salvation and possibly hope.

The book is well written, humorous at times and extremely honest. For anyone who suffers from anxiety it will be a welcome read simply to know one is not alone in their fears. Highly recommended.